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Affordable low cost divorce attorney South Florida

Cost of Divorce in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Low Cost Divorce Services.

Whether your potential divorce is amicable, or you are facing a rough, contested divorce, Affordable Law Associates is here to help.

Why Do I Need A Divorce Attorney?

You may think that divorce is as simple as filing the paperwork and waiting for a judgment. However, throughout the process, there are many more legal issues that need to be addressed — issues that you may not even be considering. From splitting personal property to shared assets, an attorney can help you resolve these issues in a legally recognized and therefore enforceable agreement. Even splitting pensions or retirement assets requires special forms and legal processes that most people do not realize they need. Most importantly, however, your attorney can help protect you and your interests during a time when emotions are running high and when some issues are prone to slip through the cracks.

Can I Afford A Divorce Attorney?

Many clients worry about the cost of divorce, and fear that they cannot afford an attorney during their times of need. That is why we are passionate about offering low-cost divorce services, and we sometimes work to provide flat fee legal services in applicable cases. We believe that people should never have to worry about getting a fair deal because they did not outspend their spouse for attorney fees. We also believe that affordable does not mean less competent — it means we are committed to quality legal representation and fairness for everyone.

Will I Have to Go To Court?

Every case is unique, and until an attorney thoroughly reviews your case, no one can tell you the best course of action or the final outcome. Some issues can be resolved through a divorce mediator, but only an experienced attorney can tell you what to expect. Take the first step to moving on with your life while protecting your future. Contact us and let us get started working on your case so that you can feel confident today.

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Our English and Spanish-speaking attorney is here to offer easy to understand, sound legal services.

Wondering How Much Your Divorce Will Cost?

Have questions? Wondering about the cost of divorce and related legal fees? We can answer any question you may have regarding divorce or any other family law issue. Do not delay, contact us today for a consultation.

Offering a Wide Range of Family Law Legal Services:

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Florida Notary Services available for our family law clients

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Family Law Mediator

Certified Supreme Court Family Law Mediator

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Low cost divorce attorney Fort Lauderdale Florida

Affordable low cost family law services south florida